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Lung Disease Classification Using Deep Learning Models from Chest X-ray Images
, Md. Sadekur Rahman,

In the very recent past, Infectious disease-related sickness has long posed a concern on a global scale. Each year, COVID-19, pneumonia, and tuberculosis cause a large number of deaths because they all affect the lungs. Early detection and diagnosis can increase the likelihood of receiving quality treatment in all circumstances. A low-cost, simple imaging approach called chest X-ray imaging enables to detection and screen lung abnormalities brought on by infectious diseases for example Covid-19, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. This paper provided a thorough analysis of current deep-learning methods for diagnosing Covid-19, pneumonia, and TB. According to the research papers reviewed, Deep Convolutional Neural Network is the most used deep learning method for identifying Covid-19, pneumonia, and TB from chest X-ray (CXR) images. We compared the proposed DNN to well-known DNNs like Efficient-NetB0, DenseNet169, and DenseNet201 in order to more accurately assess how well it performed. Our findings are equivalent to the state-of-the-art, and since the proposed CNN is lightweight, it may be employed for widespread screening in areas with limited resources. From three diverse publicly accessible datasets merged into one dataset, the suggested DNN generated the following precisions for that dataset: 99.15%, 98.89%, and 97.79% for EfficientNetB0, DenseNet169, and DenseNet201 respectively. The proposed network can help radiologists make quick and accurate diagnoses because it is effective at identifying COVID-19 and other lung contagious disorders utilizing chest X-ray images. This paper also gives young scientists a good insight into how to create CNN models that are highly efficient when used with medical images to identify diseases early.

"Lung Disease , COVID-19 , Pneumonia , Tubercu-losis , X-ray Image"
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2023 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Communication and Computational Techniques, ICCT 2023
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