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Designing a Sustainable E-Waste Management Framework for Bangladesh
, Professor Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, PhD,

The main goal of this paper is to research and design a sustainable framework to deal with the E-Waste problem in Bangladesh. E-waste is currently one of the biggest problems in Bangladesh. But there are yet to be any sustainable and realistic solutions for it. Thus, a working, efficient and sustainable framework to manage the e-wastes of Bangladesh has become a crucial need in current times. In this paper, we have researched and thoroughly analyzed this problem in the context of Bangladesh and have explored multiple ways to deal with it. Here we have designed multiple complete frameworks for e-waste collection, exchange, reuse, and recycling for sustainable e-waste management and presented them in a way that can easily be integrated with the environment of Bangladesh. Our framework also incentivizes the rural citizens to be part of the e-waste reuse process by having second-hand shops which would greatly boost the e-waste management efforts. Should our framework get implemented successfully, it will be possible to collect, exchange, reuse, and recycle e-waste in the most effective ways suitable for Bangladesh. Bangladesh's e-waste management standards will be improved, and an enormous amount of energy and materials can be saved, which will help us to protect the environment and ensure the safety of human health.

"E-waste management Framework Recycling Reuse E-waste collection"
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