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Improved Virtualization to Reduce e-Waste in Green Computing
, Professor Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, PhD,

In this era of modern technologies, a huge amount of e-waste is being produced endlessly. The excessive production rate of e-waste is a great threat to our environment. Our work mainly focuses on the many ways of e-waste reduction and finding new alternatives. The problem we intend to solve with our research is to reduce the production rate of e-waste in an optimized way. The goal of this research is to formulate a sustainable way to reduce e-waste production. This paper approaches the problem by evaluating previous data and reviewing related works. This research proves that virtualization could be a promising alternative for reducing the production rate of e-waste. Virtualization is an essential part of cloud computing as it allows us to employ real-world characteristics across several virtual environments, or virtual machines (VMs). This research also tries to highlight the negative consequences of e-waste, the importance of decreasing it, and how it may be reduced through virtualization. The sole beneficiary of this research would be the big corporations in the electronic devices manufacturing industry.

"Virtualization e-waste Green computing Green IT"
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Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
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